Baby Beginners, 2-36mths

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JEM BABIES 5 STARJEM_baby1JEM Babies Swim Class


Clayton – Belfast

  • JEM BABIES classes 2-36mths
  • Baby BEGINNERS – for 1st Time @ Baby Swim Class
  • Babies Just Love this Class
  • Improve Health & Fitness
  • Stay Active – Stay Happy
  • Great Facility & Location
  • JEM BABIES are HAPPY Babies


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Next Term Dates & Info

1. First Day: Mon 9th Sept 2019

2. Last Day: Mon 11th Nov 2019

3. 10 Week Term: MONDAY

4. Holidays/Breaks None

Product Description

JEM Babies

  • JEM BABIESParent and Baby classes are for infants to be accompanied by either parent or guardian into class.
  • Baby BEGINNERS CLASS, 1st Time at a Baby Swim Class ?,  Join this class to learn the basic moves, holds etc.
  • JEM classes provide an excellent opportunity to promote your babies health and developmental progress, endless studies show just how effective Baby Water classes are for babies general health and brain development.
  • JEM classes are based on the Scandinavian system of Birthlight, we incorporate the proven principles and structures that help baby develop and progress in the best way possible.
  • These small group sessions are carefully and most importantly safely structured. Sessions are delivered by highly experienced and qualified staff and are designed with proven Birthlight  principles.
  • We offer opportunities for Baby & Parent to bond like no other activity can equal.


JEM - Birthlight

  • Stimulation for Baby

  • Improve your babies Fitness

  • Strengthen, Muscles, Ligaments, Heart and Lungs

  • Improves Babies appetite, sleep and relaxation

  • Skin contact helps bonding, especially for Dad’s

  • Meet New babies and New people

  • JEM Babies are Happy Babies


little JEM's to share
  • Location

    Clayton Hotel Belfast

  • Start Date


  • Day Of Week


  • Start Time

    10.00 – 11.00am

  • Class Session

    30 mins

  • Weeks

    7 or 10

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