JEM Babies

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JEM Babies

JEM Babies is a fun, enjoyable and stimulating experience for little infant babies up to 3 years old.

Our classes combine group songs and movement as well as one to one exercises with mum or dad (or both!). Babies gain strength and stability from the exercises in the water and will enjoy the relaxation and socialisation with other babies. Our baby classes are 30 minutes long.

We offer High Quality Baby Swim Lessons at reasonable, affordable prices and at at time and location that suits you. We display Clear and Detailed information on our Price, Location, No. of Weeks in Course and Term starting dates.
If you decide today that you want to join a JEM Babies Class ( right after reading this 🙂 , you can go to our available classes here to join, then Click, Book and Pay, it takes 2 mins of time to be enrolled… it’s that simple. No forms to fill, No calls to make, No waiting lists to join and No extortionate Prices to pay … that’s a Water tight JEM Babies Guarantee!

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