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JEM Swim School - Swimming lessons for Babies, Tot's, Kids and Adults, in Belfast, Holywood, Ards and surrounding areas. Our Learn to Swim programme is designed especially for each category in - Babies, Tots, Kids, while our Adult Learn to Swim scheme is taught by Adults too Adults . Our goal at JEM is to teach you and your children to swim in a fun, safe and enjoyable way. JEM Babies, Water Ducks, Tots, Kids, Beginners, Improvers, Swimmers and Adults are all very welcome to attend and enjoy swimming lessons at JEM Swim School.

JEM Swim School STA Star Swim School Approved

JEM Babies, Kids and Adults will learn how to swim and be safe and confident whilst in and around the swimming pool environment.

Begin your aquatic swimming journey with just a few short weeks of our expert, caring instruction. Our dedicated, knowledgeable instructors offer unsurpassed excellence in the field of infant, toddler, beginner, improver and adult swimming lessons.

We are a child centered safety first swim school and treat everyone of our pupils as special individuals. We offer a safe controlled environment with expert supervision, care and tuition, ensuring a safe, enjoyable fun pool experience. Contact us now if you want to learn to swim and gain a potentially life saving skill. It's also a great way for you to have fun, meet other people, and bond with your child.    


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New JEM Term – April 2018

Jump into JEM’s any day from Tuesday to Sunday for our New Term at Methodist College Belfast. We have swimming classes for Babies, Beginners, Improvers, as well as Adult Learn to Swim & Improver classes. Tuesday to Sunday @ MCB promises to be very popular sessions at these perfect times ...


JEM SWIM – Nov 2017 Term

JEM Swim School has just released the 10wk,  Nov Term  2017 for all Abilities, Age groups, Adults and Babies.   The Term will be held throughout all it’s venues and will commence on  Saturday 4th November. Parent & Baby Classes, Water Ducks, Beginners, Improvers and Adults will all be available to book a ...


Back to SWIM School – SEPT 2017

  Our Sept 2017 Term is already very popular and places are going FAST. Sept 2017 is an 8 week course and will cost £88 we know that once you Enrol, you’ll be happy to relax that your swimming Lessons will be taken.                   ...