JEM Baby Bumps

JEM Baby Bumps

JEM Baby Bumps @ JEM Swim School


JEM Bumps is our specialist aqua-natal yoga course developed with Birthlight Aqua-Natal Yoga. This class gives Mum’s to be a chance to relax and exercise too.

JEM Bump classes provide an excellent opportunity to promote Health for Mum and her baby-to-be, this will help with health and developmental progress, endless studies show just how effective water classes are for babies general health and brain development. The classes will offer a structured programme of aqua natal yoga based on the Scandinavian system of Birthlight, we incorporate the proven principles that help to develop and progress in the best way possible.

JEM Water Baby Bumps
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Aqua natal exercise is great during pregnancy, helping to maintain your fitness and strength whilst controlling your weight too. Maintaining fitness during pregnancy will help you cope better with the birth and speed your return to full fitness following birth!

To achieve fitness, your skeletal, muscle and nervous systems work in unison to provide the co-ordination, energy and sufficient oxygen required. The fantastic thing about water is that whilst your body is submerged all these systems can work better together, in a more integrated way, than on land.

JEM Baby Bumps has numerous benefits as well as our aqua-natal yoga classes being a great opportunity to meet other like-minded mums-to-be, whilst bonding with your unborn baby and having a fantastic and safe workout!


  • The ability to carry out intense exercise with low impact stress
  • Increases the efficiency of the nervous system
  • Improves blood flow and circulation to the pelvic area
  • Detoxification and body fluid movements
  • Stimulates the receptors to the skin
  • Promotes homeostasis and hormonal balance
  • Increases oxygen supply to match increase in blood volume and cardiac output
  • Strengthens the muscles and keeps the spine straight and supple
  • Maintain flexibility of the spine and joints.


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