New Nov Term – 2019

Methodist College Belfast

Jump into JEM Swim School any day from Tuesday to Sunday for our New Term. We have swimming classes for Babies, Beginners, Improvers, as well as Adult Learn to Swim & Improver classes. Tuesday to Sunday @ MCB promises to be very popular sessions at these perfect times at this location, as well as Holywood, and Belfast venues. Have a look at our classes, times and availability you are sure to find that prefect class that suits you.

Tuesday to Sunday Classes @ MCB

Get it Right @ JEM Swim School

  • JEM Babies
  • Water Ducks
  • Learn 2 Swim
  • Kids Beginners
  • Kids Improvers
  • Adult Beginners
  • Adult Improvers


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JEM Babies

0-12 mths,  12-24mths,  12 -36mths

JEM Baby Swim Class

Newb Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunday

At JEM Swim School we hold our perfectly timed JEM Babies & Water Ducks swimming sessions for Parent & Baby.

These classes are just so rewarding for Baby, Parent (Guardian) and Staff ! at JEM we Love what we do, and we think you will too.

Later when your swimming lessons with Baby is over, it sounds like another perfect opportunity for baby to have a little nap, or perhaps join a friend for afternoon tea or coffee.

JEM Learn 2 Swim – Classes

Join JEM’s – Morning, afternoon, Evenings or WeekEnd classes in one of our Venue’s in Belfast, Holywood.

JEM Water Ducks class was designed to bridge the gap between JEM Babies and independent swimming classes. Children of 3yr + can join this class to build water confidence and develop familiarity to the pool environment, preparing them in readiness for our Beginners class.

JEM Water Ducks

3yr old and over


We will also be hosting our JEM Water Ducks lessons during our New Term.

These classes are designed to bridge the “Baby” gap for bigger babies of 3 yr old and over to attend swimming class (accompanied by either or both parents) in preparation for independent swimming in our JEM Beginners classes.

Sorry Mum and Dad, one day your little one will be attending a JEM class without you, so be prepared for rejection :).



JEM Kidz

Join JEM’s – After School, Evening or WeekEnd Classes for our New Term. We accept children from 3yr + into our Beginners class where they will learn and practice the skill set require to gain propulsion and independent swimming.

JEM Beginners Class

3yr old and over

JEM Learn to Swim kids 3yr +Newb JEM BEGINNER CLASSES

Our JEM Beginners Classes offer Parents the chance to bring their other children and siblings along to join in our sessions at each childs own ability at the SAME time !.

Enrol now onto a JEM Beginners Classes for 3yr olds and over.

This is the first step towards independent swimming for your little ones, you’ll be amazed just how well they respond to instruction and “In the Pool” direction from our highly qualified teaching and support staff.




JEM Adult Lessons

Join JEM’s Adult swimming Lesson Private & Classes,  Learn to Swim or Improvers Classes are available at all of our venues for our New Term. JEM Adult Beginners class was designed help Adults (over 16) build up skills needed to learn to swim.  JEM Adult Improvers classes are for swimmers who want to expand their skills in swimming. Adult Beginners of any age can join this class to build water confidence and develop familiarity to the pool environment, preparing them in readiness for future swimming.

JEM Adults Lessons


Newb JEM Adult Swimming Lessons

We will also be hosting our New JEM Adults lessons in our New Term.

These classes will give Adults the opportunity to join a class with other Adults of similar ability and develop over time the skills and practices need to begin swimming. Our highly experienced staff will provide “In the Pool” teaching and encouragement and with each session watch your ability and confidence grow in strength.


JEM Swim School

Join JEM’s and begin your aquatic journey.



Newb Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun

    Get Ready for Swim Lessons

We lead into our New Term,  join us now. This New Term offers Great opportunities with our to Learn 2 Swim programme, so  Start Swimming Now or Improve upon your current Skills. New Classes and New Times have been introduced for the New Term, which are available at the “Book A Class” page on our Live Booking website. JEM Babies, Kids & Adult Lessons are all available to Book Now on a First come basis.

Start your preparations now for our Swimming Lessons in a New Term with a Healthy New swimming activity, We have a place and time that is just right for you