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Adult Swimming Lessons @ JEM Swim School

Adults achieve significant improvement very quickly…

“Many adults are surprised how few lessons are required, the reasons are simple … adult pupils listen carefully, get the idea, then give their best! … they are focused because they have objectives. Once they get the idea it’s then just a matter of practice. Ironically, it’s those that are most unsure if they’ll ever be able to swim that make the greatest progress in the shortest time frame. Having a consistant and dedicated teacher for each class our adult students make such a difference to their skill set – it’s so effective. Give us a call to discuss how we can help.

  • Beginners

  • Beginners Plus

  • Improvers

  • Improvers Plus


Adult Swimming Classes    Adult Learn to Swim Classes @ JEM Swim School Belfast

  • Group Classes of similar ability Adults who want to Learn to Swim
  • 1 on 1 … one pupil to one teacher making lessons very specific and effective
  • private lessons … 
  • same gender teachers (if required) …  female pupil with a female teacher
  • convenient times to suit work schedules
  • warm 31C water … 1-1.8m depth
  • confident and mature teachers … adults assisting adults to learn to swim

When adults contact us they say they have decided to have swimming lessons because they want to…

  • “overcome a fear of water”
  • “improve how to breathe while swimming” … particularly free style
  • “meet employment criteria” … police, services, aircrew – to prove they can swim a distance, they have a level of fitness etc
  • “correct poor style … so they can swim further and faster to take part in summer activities like ocean swims, triathlons or simply feel confident in a friends pool or at the beach
  • “overcome a health problem” that requires low impact activities like arthritis, heart conditions, joint injury … water provides buoyancy so the impact on the muscles and joints of exercise is significantly reduced. In fact often exercising in water allows movement that would otherwise not be possible, such is the reduction in pain from one’s body weight being supported. This is why many adults swim – it’s a low impact exercise/activity
  • “be more confident” so they can play with their children in the water
  • “to enjoy an overseas holiday”
  • “to reduce anxiety” created by ‘deep’ water
  • “learn a new skill” … swimming
  • “to take up a water sport” – snorkeling, diving etc
  • “to learn how to manage stress and panic” if the unexpected occurs when they are in water … lifesaving techniques like how to tread water, how to conserve energy etc

Swimming is an essential life skill .. invest in yourself and enjoy life in the water.


Our Adult classes are relaxed and provide a friendly environment to progress with swimming and water confidence.

Our teachers are highly experienced in working with Adults and are in the water teaching and supporting you to achieve swimming movements and goals.                                                                                   Adult Swimming Lessons @ JEM Swim School Belfast

Our classes are 30minutes long.   


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