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JEM Swim School provide a gentle yet progressive learn to swim and water safety programme designed especially for kids and children aged 3 months to 12 years. Our goal at JEM is to teach you and your children to swim in a fun, safe and enjoyable way. Water Babies , Water Tots, Kids, Beginners, Improvers, Swimmers and Adults are all very welcome to attend and enjoy swimming lessons at JEM.

JEM Babies,Children and Adults will learn how to swim and be safe and confident whilst in and around the swimming pool environment.
Begin your aquatic journey with just a few short weeks of our expert, caring instruction. Our dedicated, knowledgeable instructors offer unsurpassed excellence in the field of infant, toddler, beginner, improver and adult swimming instruction.

We are a child centered safety first swim school and treat everyone of our pupils as special individuals. We offer a safe controlled environment with expert supervision, care and tuition, ensuring a safe, enjoyable fun pool experience. Contact us now and give your child a potentially life saving skill. It's also a great way for you to have fun and bond with your child.

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Water Ducks – New Class

Water Duck classes are for infants 3yrs and over who are not ready to leave Mum & Dad just yet. Not all children develop at the same rate and not all children are ready for swim class at age 3. That’s why we have decide to offer those children a chance to ...


Parent & Baby Photo Shoot

JEM Swim School will be hosting a Parent & Baby Photo Shoot on the 26th October in Newtownards Leisure Centre. The event is exclusively for JEM members who attend a Parent & Baby class within our programme, it promiseses to be a really great event and I know all the Mum’s ...